volume 1

Margin of Error front cover

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A 24-page collection of process sketches, designs, and photos documented between January through March 2023.


Margin of Error 1 collects process imagery behind screen print poster series Do Not Disturb and Pablo's Eyes. This issue also documents upcycling methods applied in production incorporating old resources into new shop.

Do Not Disturb repeating pattern

Illustrating repeating patterns is an ongoing study of emergent behavior. Emergent behavior requires a multitude of actions leading to an outcome that no individual action is capable of producing on its own.

The fractal symmetries in snowflakes are an outcome of water molecules emergent behavior at work. The predisposition of each molecule as it freezes creates a geometry impossible to produce without collective action.

Various microscopic images of snowflake fractal patterns

This system is the canon for production and distribution. The molecule is the pattern design; the molecule's disposition is the pattern's capacity to repeat; and like the snowflake, the pattern's geometry evolves as it is distributed across the map.

Emergence map using snowflake geometry as example

behold the obelisk