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Detailed photo
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24 x 46 inch screen printed tapestry assembled from discarded Garment Restoration Project scraps.


material discards

Forage is a byproduct of the Garment Restoration Project – which produces large amounts of previously unusable scrap material. The Forage objective was to use GRP scraps as a substrate for artistic expression without associating with eco-conscious idealisms.

bagged discards

Creating a workflow prioritizing reuse over waste is nice, but it is still dwarfed by the elephant in the room: an unsustainable global market which makes these "post-consumer" products available in the first place. We are still at the mercy of consumerism even if by secondary means.

sewn ravioli

Forage harnesses the haphazard nature of collaged repurposed material as opposed to magnifying the miniscule environmental impact of using second-hand material. Regardless of our efforts toward sustainability, we are mere ants foraging through a wasteland.

behold the obelisk